The Badge Scanner

Research proves that the majority of companies exhibit to generate sales leads and are an important measure of ROI for both exhibitors and the organiser.

WRS has 2 options for organisers and exhibiting companies; The Badge Scanner, a mobile app; or traditional hand held laser bar code readers.

The Badge Scanner is an uncomplicated smart-phone “app” making it effortless for exhibitors to capture sales lead data at exhibitions by converting any camera enabled ‘smart-phone’ into a powerful badge scanning lead retrieval device.

For a single low fee, the exhibiting company can add as many badge scanners to their account as they have personnel on site as opposed to a fee per unit or fee per lead solution-making The Badge Scanner an easy option for exhibiting companies to adopt.

The summary data on sales leads generated at your event also provide valuable sales support material for next year’s event.

Laser Bar Code Readers

By today’s standards, laser bar code readers are somewhat 1 dimensional and lacking in versatility.  They do however continue to be a favoured technology among some exhibiting companies and which WRS is happy to service using Opticon hand held devices.