How We Work

WRS believes that only the `right’ technology should be deployed on an event – not technology for technology’s sake.

Mindful of organisers’ budgets, the system is based on notebook PCs, each with its own badge printer along with an (optional) outward facing TFT screen.  This reduces shipping costs whilst the accuracy of data collection onsite is maintained.  WRS has equipment based in Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg, Dubai and the UK.

WRS utilises local bi-lingual staff to reduce the costs to the organiser for travel for WRS staff.

WRS maximises the accuracy of data collected onsite by minimising the amount of data entered on site by local staff.  The key contact data from onsite registrations is keyed by in-house multi-lingual data processors before being cleaned, logically updated and presented to the client.  WRS does not ship completed forms – they are scanned onsite along with any business cards and placed on secure servers, again minimising costs to the organiser whilst reducing the time lag between event closure and post show report.

The WRS onsite system is modular and based on notebook PCs, each with its own badge printer.  This allows us to scale up or down to meet the demands of any event in terms of remote registration points or number of attendees.